Minimizing Moving Headaches with Modular Furniture and Slipcovers

Recently, I moved to a new apartment and it brought back a flood of memories – mainly of how much I hate moving. But, it was less stressful than past moves and it motivated me to write this article to help you minimize the pain of your next move.

Remember how easy it was to move in college? The university wouldn’t allow large pieces of furniture in dorm rooms, so the physical move itself wasn’t too demanding or require an advanced degree in spatial relations to make everything fit. You didn’t have much furniture aside from a bed, dresser, desk, chair and a floor lamp or two. What you did have probably wasn’t particularly nice any way, so a few nicks and scratches as friends and family hauled your stuff in and out of the dorm weren’t a big deal. You simply replaced whatever was ruined or (god forbid) uncool with something different the next school year.

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But times change, we get jobs, bank accounts grow and the difficulties associated with moving increase. You care more about what you have and want to keep things nice, since costs are higher and let’s face it - now you have to pay them. Your convenient old futon has been replaced by two pieces of unwieldy furniture: an actual bed and a sofa. To make matters worse, your bed now has a headboard, footboard, sides, frame, box spring and a mattress (Note: if you have a sleeper sofa, the friends you coerce into helping you move will hate you and wish you a slow and painful death). To avoid multiple trips, you Tetris all of your possessions into a moving truck and wrap your mirrors, TVs and glass tables like Egyptian mummies. Even if you successfully transport your furniture from Point A to Point B, you still have to navigate stairs, hallways and corners, before you arrange everything in your new home.

Why do we put ourselves through all this? Masochism? Necessity? A “significant other?” Whatever the reason, there are a few tips that can help make moving easier.

Modular Furniture is Your Friend
When people think of modular furniture, they typically picture a sectional sofa and stacking units. But there are other contemporary applications, such as home office desks and filing cabinets, as well as entertainment centers, room dividers and closet organizers. These self-contained interchangeable units can easily be configured to accommodate your unique functional needs and space limitations.

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So how does that help when you move? Well, for starters, it’s a lot easier moving and packing small pieces of furniture than large ones. Most modular storage or seating is secured with simple clips or a couple of screws, so it’s quick and easy to separate complex arrangements into individual pieces. On the back end, they’re easier to manage when going up and down stairs and passing through tight spaces.

One of the most easily overlooked problems with moving is that the usable space in your new home or apartment is often very different from your old place. The bookshelves you bought to fill up the empty wall between your family room and dining room might be too wide now. Maybe there’s a fireplace right where you would normally place your couch. Modular furniture enables you to adapt to your new surroundings. Storage units can be reconfigured to be taller, shorter, wider or narrower depending on your room’s constraints. Instead of one large couch, you can separate a sectional sofa into smaller loveseats and ottomans.

Slipcovers – Change Your Look Affordably
What do you do if your new place has a different architectural style, d├ęcor or color scheme? You could toss your old stuff and just buy new furniture, but that could be pretty expensive. A great way to freshen up your old chairs and couches is with slipcovers. They come in all sorts of colors, patterns and textures and are easily removed for cleaning or a simple change for the season. You can buy pre-made or custom slipcovers that fit snugly over your existing upholstery, or you can buy slipcovered furniture to begin with. If you choose the former, be sure to measure your pieces before purchasing a compatible slipcover.

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Boxes and Bubble Wrap and Towels…Oh My
How do you ensure that your stuff doesn’t get wrecked in transit? Nothing is more frustrating than finding the perfect table lamp, only to have it damaged while moving. If you have the storage space, I highly recommend that you save the original packaging of your most prized fragile possessions (for me that’s my HD flat screen TV). This includes not only the box, but the Styrofoam inserts as well. If you’ve already thrown out the packaging, bubble wrap is a good alternative. Once everything is safely in your new home, be sure to store the padding for future use (you can never have enough bubble wrap, if you ask me). Using your bath towels to help pad glass items is also efficient. You have to bring the towels any way, so you might as well utilize them to protect other things.

Moving is never fun or easy, but if you follow the tips above, it can be a little less stressful and minimize the number of unwelcome surprises.

Bill Ferris

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